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Roaring Gap , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Tuesday, September 26, 2023 at 5:54AM

Nicer West than East

We have forecast periods when the description is more difficult than the forecast. I'll do my best... Today through Thursday we have a light, moist, easterly flow. That results in more clouds with fog/drizzle and cooler temperatures along the eastern escarpment (the Blue Ridge) Farther west (near the NC/TN border) peeks of sun are possible and it will be several degrees warmer during the daytime. Some fog and a stray light shower is possible west, but much less than near the Blue Ridge. Rain will be light mostly from Tuesday afternoon through Wednesday night and favor east over west. Thursday and Friday brings a gradual transition out of this pattern,. Warmer, dry weather follows for the weekend and early next week.

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Hi: 63 Lo: 51

Overcast; Light afternoon & nighttime rain mostly east near the Blue Ridge with fog developing; Cooler; Wind becoming East 5-15 mph

Hi: 58 Lo: 49

Overcast; Light rain mostly AM & near the Blue Ridge; Areas of fog; Cool; East wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 63 Lo: 50

Generally cloudy with fog; A PM showers or two in our region; Cool; Light East wind, but breezy at higher elev's

Hi: 69 Lo: 54

Mostly cloudy; AM fog possible; A couple degrees warmer; A stray light PM shower possible

Hi: 71 Lo: 54

Partly cloudy; A step warmer

Further Out

Sunday - Partly sunny; Nice; High in the lower 70s; Low in the lower 50s
Monday - Partly sunny; Warmer than seasonal averages; High in the lower 70s; Low in the lower 50s

Forecast Discussion

An upper-level low moves slowly across the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes today through Friday. Meanwhile, high pressure centered in Eastern Canada wedges down the east side of the Appalachians.

Tuesday has overcast skies with fog and light rain developing this afternoon and overnight, mostly near the Blue Ridge. Temperatures are cooler compared to earlier this week.

Wednesday will be the coolest day this week. Spotty light rain is possible, mostly near the Blue Ridge and mostly in the morning. Areas of fog persist, especially near the Blue Ridge.

Thursday will have a touch of sun (more west than east) Areas of fog remain in play with a few showers during the PM hours.

Friday looks mostly cloudy with morning fog still possible. I cannot completely rule out a stray, light shower during the daytime, mostly near the Blue Ridge.

This weekend, the upper-level low slides into the Northeast and Atlantic. High pressure will gradually take controls of the Eastern U. S. and temperatures warm progressively. We'll have above average temperatures early next week with an extended period of dry weather.

The U. S. gets a break from topical activity for several days. Tropical Storm Philippe is in the central Atlantic moving slowly WNW. A second disturbance farther SE will become a named storm (Rina) in the next couple days.


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