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Sparta , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Monday, April 24, 2017 at 3:19PM

Soaked Now; Drying & Warm-up Ahead

We had a handful of rainy days in late March and early April; otherwise, it's been a relatively dry 2017. But the last 4 days brought us almost a month's worth of rain. 3"-4" totals for are common with isolated heavier totals and more falling this evening and overnight. Periods of rain continue through tonight with cool temperatures. Drier weather follows... After a possible brief, light shower Tuesday morning, sunshine and warmer temperatures arrive Tuesday afternoon. Wednesday will be the warmest day of 2017 thus far--terrific. The rest of the week has little more than "cannot rule out" chances of an afternoon thundershower with emphasis on Thursday afternoon.

To help us get through the current rainfest, our Golf-O-Meter has been changed to the Raccoon-O-Meter. The prospects for Merlefest include great weather and wall-to-wall music next Thursday through Sunday!


Hi: 51 Lo: 47

Cloudy; Cool; Periods rain; NE wind 5-15 mph, gusty at higher elev's

Hi: 67 Lo: 48

Isolated AM showers, then decreasing clouds; Warmer afternoon; North wind becoming light

Hi: 78 Lo: 54

Plenty of sunshine; Warmest day so far this year; South wind 5-15 mph

Hi: 75 Lo: 54

Partly cloudy; Warm; Widely scattered PM t-showers

Hi: 76 Lo: 56

Partly sunny; Warm; Cannot rule out an afternoon t-shower

Further Out

Saturday - Partly sunny; Even warmer; Cannot rule out an afternoon t-shower; High near 80 degrees; Low in the upper 50s
Sunday - Partly cloudy; Warm; Isolated PM thunder; High in the upper 70s; Low in the upper 50s

Forecast Discussion

We said it last Wednesday, "It's a good thing Merlefest is next weekend instead of this weekend." We have one more day of muck; plenty of pleasant (even warm!) weather follows almost immediately.

Potent low pressure lumbered across the Carolinas yesterday and will hang out on the Grand Strand and NC Beaches today into Tuesday. The low then slowly heads northeast.

Periods of rain continue through overnight while temperatures remain steady or slowly rise tonight. After a stray shower or two Tuesday morning, partial sunshine returns Tuesday afternoon and temperatures respond in kind.

High pressure builds from the south Wednesday and temperatures soar to the highest levels thus far in 2017, an almost perfect day to be outdoors.

A front from the west brushes the mountains late Thursday. Widely scattered afternoon and evening thundershowers result.

Thursday's front moves back to the north Friday. Friday through Sunday will feel like summer. But typical or summer weather, we must contend with renegade afternoon thundershowers each day.


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