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Current Conditions

Temp: 75.0°F
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Sparta , NC

Forecast Last Updated at Saturday, August 30, 2014 at 4:32PM

Increasing Clouds

Saturday was warm and mostly dry across the Southern Appalachians. Clouds increase tonight with an isolated shower possible. A disturbance moving northeast out of the Gulf will produce scattered showers and thundershowers Sunday. Labor Day Monday, we go back to just isolated mostly afternoon thundershowers. Next week will be one of the warmest of this not-so-warm summer--nothing extreme.

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Hi: 78 Lo: 64

More clouds overnight with an isolated shower possible; South wind 5-15 mph, but light tonight in valleys

Hi: 80 Lo: 63

Mostly cloudy; Scattered mostly PM showers & t-storms; SW wind 5-10 mph

Hi: 81 Lo: 62

Partly sunny for Labor Day; Isolated PM t-showers; West wind 5-15 mph, but light Mon. night in valleys

Hi: 85 Lo: 64

Partly cloudy; Warm

Hi: 82 Lo: 61

Partly cloudy; Widely scattered PM showers & t-showers

Further Out

Thursday - Partly sunny; Widely scattered PM showers & t-storms; High in the lower 80s; Low near 60 degrees
Friday - Partly cloudy; Widely scattered mostly PM showers & t-storms; High in the lower 80s; Low near 60 degrees

Forecast Discussion

A weak front in North Carolina moved north today as a warm front then faded off the map. The main story for the coming seven days is warm high pressure in the Southeast, but we do have a disturbance moving out north out of the Gulf to deal with Sunday.

Clouds increase late Saturday afternoon and tonight, and a stray shower or thundershower is possible. Sunday will have some dry hours; however, scattered showers and thundershowers will have to be accounted for in any outdoor plans. Temperatures will be a notch less warm because of mostly cloudy skies.

Labor Day Monday through Friday is "Dog Days of Summer" weather--warm and humid with no front able to encroach on the Southeast because the Bermuda High is in control. Also in typical "Dog Days" fashion, afternoon thunder will be an issue. Assessing afternoon thundershower coverage will be the "day-to-day" forecast issue; here's what it looks like at this point: Only isolated Monday, generally dry Tuesday, and "widely scattered" Wednesday through Friday. It will be early the following week at least before this pattern breaks down.


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